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A Little About Us

Mary and I were married June 15, 1996. I graduated from Jefferson College with an AAS in Telecommunications December of 1995. I started work at what use to be Wiltel right after graduation. Then after many mergers and name changes it is now MCI. After taking ICRC (Introduction to Cisco Router Conviguration at St. Louis Community College and some self study I passed the CCNA exam. I am now a Technical Consultant at Edward Jones in the Network Backbone Projects team. Since starting at Jones through mostly self study and learning on the job I passed all four exams for the CCNP.

Mary graduated from Jefferson College with an associates in Accounting. She then went on to get her Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from UMSL.

Our Cat Mowzer
We got our cat Mowzer from the St. Peters animal shelter around Holloween of 2002. He's since grown to be a part of the family! Check out the pics of Mowzer.

Gulf Shores Alabama Trip 2008
Here's some pics from a trip we took with some friends to Gulf Shores Alabama.

Great Smokey Mountains Trip - Tail Of The Dragon
Here's some pics from a trip we took with a friend of ours in his new 2005 GTO. 400 Horses matched to a 6 speed manual was a whole lot of fun on this trip!!! Yes Dan...It's Steve approved. One spot we hit on this trip is called "Tail of the Dragon". It's US 129, a section of hyway that has 318 curves in just 11 miles. This has got to be the most wicked road I have ever been on. Here are two links that explains a bit more and has some cool pictures: Link 1 Link 2

My Basement Process
Here's some pics of my basement. I'm in the process of finishing it off. One room will house the home theater with a front projection ~100" screen, AV rack built in the wall and 7.1 surround. The room is approximately 20ft long and 13ft wide. Other rooms include an office/spare bedroom, recreation room that will house our pool table and hopefully a Tornado fooseball table. Also down there is a 3/4 bath a large closet, utility room and my workshop. Here is a full brain dump of all the parts, equipment, and links for the whole process.

Kaylin and Elise
Here's pics of our kiddos from Feb 2007 until Jan 2009
Here's pics of our kiddos from 2009 until 2010
Here's pics of our kiddos From the start of 2012

Powerful Sermon
Think you have suffering in your life? Think you just can't take the burden anymore?
Listen to this sermon. It's long, but I promise, it's worth it. My sleeves, were soaked.

Here's some pics and video of the new addition to the stable! 2006 FZ6!

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