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Below are some pictures we have taken from with my Olympus C4040Z digital camera. If you click on the small picture it will bring up the full size version. They are about 800K each so watch out!


Grand Cayman, BWI These were taken on our trip to Grand Cayman in June of 2002.
wallpapers/grandcayman/p1010006.jpg wallpapers/grandcayman/p1010007.jpg wallpapers/grandcayman/p1010013.jpg wallpapers/grandcayman/p1010020.jpg wallpapers/grandcayman/p1010023.jpg wallpapers/grandcayman/p1010033.jpg wallpapers/grandcayman/p1010037.jpg wallpapers/grandcayman/p6140012_edited.jpg

London, EnglandThese pictures I took while in London England for a business trip.
wallpapers/london/p8170025.jpg wallpapers/london/p8150066.jpg wallpapers/london/p8170030.jpg wallpapers/london/p8170060.jpg wallpapers/london/p8170104.jpg wallpapers/london/p8180003.jpg wallpapers/london/p8180068.jpg

My Car My 2003 G35 Sedan. Hey, a man's got to have a pic of his car on the page!
wallpapers/mycar/p1010078.jpg wallpapers/mycar/p1010079.jpg

MiscRandom pics I liked.
wallpapers/misc/p1010016.jpg wallpapers/misc/p1010027.jpg wallpapers/misc/p1010058.jpg wallpapers/misc/p1010084.jpg wallpapers/misc/p1010100.jpg

Trip to Great Smokey Mountains National Park Here are some select pics from the trip I took to GSM with a friend.
wallpapers/gsm/10-24-05_0001.jpg wallpapers/gsm/10-24-05_0024.jpg wallpapers/gsm/10-24-05_0037.jpg wallpapers/gsm/10-24-05_0084.jpg wallpapers/gsm/10-24-05_0092.jpg wallpapers/gsm/10-25-05_0019.jpg

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